Contributing to the CCLSCA is...

To build a better world, we will have to contribute to its advent, participate in it, be present at all times.

Contributing to the CCLSCA means sharing your passions and talents. Contributing also means offering yourself an opportunity to build with people who share these same passions.

Contributing to the CCLSCA means acquiring a very distinct social identity, which claims the right to leisure and to make leisure a privileged tool for development and social cohesion. Take place, take your place!

It all starts with where we are, where we stand in the community. Some observe, others act and others come together to act better.

It is well known, “alone we go faster, together we go further”. The CCLSCA has been able to roll its bump over the years. There’s a reason, it’s because we weren’t alone. The whole community supported us, with participants, members, volunteers and dedicated staff.

If we, like many others, have gone through a pandemic, it is because we, as a community, have shown unparalleled resilience. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still issues to overcome, challenges to take up, far from it. More than ever, the CCLSCA, like our entire community, needs to go further, to get back to work as they say.

This is why we are calling on you, your passions and talents, your expertise and your desire to live and grow at the foot of skyscrapers.


Being a volunteer at the CCLSCA means responding to priorities for our community, for access to leisure activities for everyone, families, young people, the elderly, isolated or economically disadvantaged.

Our volunteers respond to specific needs in order to maximize the scope of their expertise. Fill out the form opposite and tell us about yourself, your talents and passions. Together, we will go further.